First Aid Equipment

At Trade Fire Protection we have a range of statutory first aid kits including 10, 20 and 50 person along with travel first aid kits, workplace kits, 1 person kits, mounting brackets and wall brackets. Trade Fire provide a range of catering first aid kits including 10 person, 20 person and 50 person first aid kits. The kits are ideal for small businesses and food areas.

We have a range of first aid kits including eye pod eye care station, eyewash station and the evolution eyewash kit. It is required by law under the Road Traffic Act 1986 that all minibuses and coaches should carry a first aid kit suitable for treating minor first aid injuries. The kits are a great way of covering yourself and passengers in the event of an accident.

At Trade Fire Protection we have available the travel first aid kit available in small, medium and large. The Evolution Travel First Aid Kit (Hard Case) is suitable for one person who is travelling or working alone.

It is recommended that all travellers carry their own first aid kit, and depending on the country that you are visiting it is advisable to carry a sterile medical kit. Our travellers emergency medical kit is ideal for this.

The rapid response first aid kits include the Emergency First Aid Grab Bag which is ideal for responding quickly to medium risk workplace or sporting injuries. Also available is the Deluxe Response Kit which is a highly comprehensive first response kit housed within a highly visible and portable grab bag.

The sports first aid kit is ideal to use in the event of a sports injury and includes plasters, dressings, bandages ,dressing strips etc to cover injuries.

At Trade Fire Protection we have available first aid brackets for the evolution first aid kits including 10, 20 and 50 person first aid kit. You can also purchase the vehicle first aid kit mounting bracket and black first aid wall bracket to store your first aid kit on the wall out of the way.

The empty first aid boxes include the eclipse first aid box, deluxe first aid box and arrol first aid box. The eclipse and deluxe first aid box are available in medium and large. The boxes are a great way of buying an empty first aid box to include your chosen equipment.

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